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-Ace Pro cases come in clear or highly transparent TPU lined with the same Unequal® technology professional athletes use on the field for impact protection. Ace Pro cases are engineered to accentuate the design of the Apple iPhone Xs and provide slim, lightweight protection. A protective bezel extends beyond the screen and to provide added defense for the front of your device. -Users of the new iPhone Xs will discover a perfect case that conforms to the streamlined shape of the phone. Utilizing a flexible but highly durable TPU material, these cases are the answer to full protection for the iPhone Xs. Whether you are highly active and worry about dropping your phone on hard surfaces or you simply need an added extra layer of security, the Ace Pro case for iPhone Xs will provide the ultimate protection. -Users are sure to love all features of the iPhone Xs such as 4 GB of RAM and a battery that has 2050 mAh. The 5.2-inch screen lets you watch your favorite videos and view high resolution photos with a screen resolution that boasts 750 x 1334 pixels. The new iPhone Xs also delivers a 12 MP camera with amazing quality. The Ace Pro case is slim and sleek, providing unmatched protection for iPhone Xs. It has a soft, rubbery texture to grip the iPhone Xs with a raised bezel around the edge of the screen for added protection. The innovative design and unique color of your new iPhone Xs is protected with Ace Pro cases that come in both clear and transparent colors. -The simple-to-install Ace Pro case with Unequal technology for iPhone Xs resists shock and impact keeping your phone secure every day, everywhere. -• Unequal technology that absorbs and dissipates impact -• Sleek, low profile design -• Soft bumper with rigid, transparent back -• Raised bezel to protect front of device -• Rounded edges that feel like the Apple iPhone Xs -• Made to work with BodyGuardz Pure 2

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