Pstation Revo 3 Charging Station + Bluetooth Speaker - Black  || 371102

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-The New Pstation REVO With the portable Units can charge multiple devices at once. Revo is an excogitation with 3 charging units and a Bluetooth speaker that can control directly from your mobile which attracts most of the music lovers.There are various attributes of choosing REVO for distinct places and as assorted people have different needs this power station fulfill the expectations of every individual. -For Hotel Business: People visit for vacations or meetings and there they forgot to carry their chargers but for them it is essential to use phones to attend calls or messaging at that time hotels can provide them revo a power station so that they can enjoy their holidays as well as music by attaching their phones through Bluetooth speaker -For Home Users: Keeping you powered and connected now becomes more easier than ever. REVO is the Innovative mobile charging solution for Homes and your bussines place. Cleverly designed it comes with 3 charging Portables Units its capable of charging many devices simultaneously and with the following charging tips For Apple, Android Smart phones and Tablets You can simply plug in and you Are ready to go

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